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Boost Physical Therapy With Stretch Fix

Assisted stretching is a natural partner to physical therapy programs and plans and can optimize results. When Physical Therapists incorporate assisted stretching into individual therapy sessions, they can provide coaching, guidance, and consistency with stretches specific to the areas that are receiving therapy.

People either do not stretch or stretch improperly -- and assisted stretching ensures that patients are not only completing the necessary moves but are doing them correctly.

General stretching is always helpful, but when a specific area needs extra attention to recover from injury, improve movement, or relieve stiffness, targeted assisted stretching in conjunction with physical therapy sessions can help patients achieve the end goal more quickly and with better results.

Experience The Benefits of Pairing Stretch Fix With PT

Whether you try assisted stretching as part of your physical therapy to address an injury, increase range of motion and flexibility, or improve overall health and wellbeing, limitations and pain are consistently communicated -- meaning your physical therapist is always in the best position to help you at your unique level of ability. More people than you think can and do make their circumstances worse by overdoing their stretches, holding them too long, assuming positions that are not appropriate, or doing them incorrectly.

Assisted stretching as part of a physical therapy program means having confidence the stretches will be effective, correct, and more impactful than attempting them alone.

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