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30100 Town Center Drive, Y/Z Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
24582 Del Prado Ave, C Dana Point, CA 92629

Why Are We the Best?

We are professionals who genuinely care about supporting you in your goal to achieve your best self. We are here to help you live without pain or discomfort and do what you love with optimal range of motion, flexibility, strength, and stability. StretchFix will take your physical capabilities further -- and your mental and emotional health and happiness will feel it, too.

Deep Tissue Massage
Dr. Ryan Tran


Ryan, originally from Irvine, discovered his passion for physical therapy through personal experience when his brother suffered an ACL tear while playing soccer. After completing his undergraduate studies in Biopsychology at UCSB, he pursued his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at University of St. Augustine in San Diego. On the weekends, you can find Ryan sur


Sports specific- Surfers Shoulders and Neck

Education: Bachelor’s Degree:

Biological Psychology University of California, Santa Barbara 2018

Doctorate Degree

Physical Therapy University of St. Augustine CA,2023


What People Say About Us

Becoming a Wellness member has been life-changing for me. As someone with limited flexibility, I was hesitant, but the expert guidance and tailored routines have transformed my body. I feel more limber, agile, and free from the stiffness that used to plague me. This practice has unlocked a new level of physical freedom that I never thought possible.

Amelia Brown

Stepping into StretchFix feels like entering a stress-relief oasis. The calming ambiance and skilled instructors create an environment that’s both nurturing and empowering. The sessions not only improve my flexibility but also melt away the day’s tension.

Amy Weinstein

I came here looking for a way to improve my flexibility, but what I found exceeded my expectations. The variety of stretching techniques and the personalized attention from the stretch fixologists have not only increased my flexibility but also alleviated my chronic muscle tightness. The positive atmosphere and supportive community make every session enjoyable and leave me feeling accomplished.

Kylie Rogers


Soham P

Stretch Fixologist


Stretch Fixologist


Stretch Fixologist


Stretch Fixologist
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