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We all know stretching is beneficial, but how much thought do we put into it while performing the movements — or even doing it at all? We may think stretching is a necessary warm-up routine before physical activity, but how often do we take advantage of its benefits alone? Furthermore, we tend to do it ourselves without considering what more we could get from the activity if we had someone else to assist. 

Assisted stretching is quickly gaining traction for the enhanced outcomes it can achieve. Consider how good it feels when you stretch — and imagine improving those results with the support of a trained, professional physical therapist. There are several benefits to assisted stretching — here are five of them.

Ease Tight Muscles

You do not have to be a professional athlete to understand the relief of reducing muscle tightness. Many of us function in a tightly wound state and find it challenging to relax and loosen up, or we may not even realize how much our muscles need a stretch — and how much better we can function if we take the time to do it. And if we are not stretching regularly, an assisted stretching routine may be the ideal solution!

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Imagine how much easier it is to relax when your muscles feel the same way — relaxed! Assisted stretching allows you to release tension you may not have been aware you had, and your physical therapist will also encourage you to breathe deeply as part of the therapy, which will contribute to feeling more calm, relaxed, and less anxious or stressed

Increase Flexibility

The benefits of maintaining optimal flexibility are endless! Even the most basic activities are more comfortable and much easier when you enhance your flexibility, and assisted stretching will ensure that you are working the muscles and tissues that will benefit you the most. Extending your muscles without strain, pain, or tension gives you enhanced flexibility — and confidence, strength, and comfort! You do not have to be an athlete in top physical shape to feel the positive effects of stretching — anyone, regardless of physical condition, can get value from an assisted stretching program.

Improve Physical Performance

Whether it is recreational golfing or professional tennis, there is an athlete in all of us, and we can all use strategies and techniques that give us the upper hand or prevent us from sustaining injuries doing what we love! Assisted stretching is beneficial even with injury recovery and can shorten the time it takes to get you back — in better shape than before! Assisted stretching therapy is helpful after exercising, competing, or any physical activity for reducing soreness, recovery time, and mitigating the risk of future injury.

Enhance Range of Motion

If only we could stay as limber and agile as we were when we were young! It is no secret that the range of motion in our joints and our comfort with extending them decreases as time passes. Aging, injuries, surgeries, inactivity; there are countless reasons why we lose range of motion, but it is possible to improve our capabilities with assisted stretching therapy!

When you have the support of a trained physical therapist, assisted stretching is a powerful way to increase movement in your joints safely and without pain!

Guesswork Out, Optimal Results In

Stretching is undeniably great for the body, and assisted stretching takes the benefits to another level. Enjoy peace of mind having a professional to help you perform the movements correctly and to your ability level — you get the maximum results and feel much better in several ways!

StretchFix can help you improve mobility, enhance flexibility, recover more quickly from injury, or boost your health and fitness in general with assisted stretch therapy. Call us for more information or to book an appointment at 949-336-1089 !

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