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What Stretch Fix Can Do

A trained practitioner stretching your body manually and with special tools can achieve more significant results than doing stretches solo. The benefits of assisted stretching are getting increased recognition as more people experience the relief and improvements.

Everyone understands how stretching is helpful, whether part of a daily athletic workout or a short morning routine to help with a busy workday. Enlisting the support of a professional practitioner takes stretching and its outcomes to another level and can further address and improve:

  • chronic pain and stiffness
  • parts of the body we may overlook
  • flexibility, mobility, and range of motion
  • core strength and functioning
  • consistency and effectiveness
  • circulation, stress, and sleep
  • athletic performance
  • injury recovery
  • posture
  • and more

Regardless of occupation or fitness level and activity, people engage in repetitive movements that lead to muscle and joint imbalances and restrictions -- resulting in poor movement, decreased performance, and increased risk of injury or pain. People are sitting longer these days, which could lead to tightness, poor posture, and stiffness that, if unaddressed, can compound.
Assisted stretching is beneficial for people of any age and fitness level.

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